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Sleep Apnea Therapy / CPAP

CPAP Therapy

To serve our CPAP clients at Canadian Home Healthcare Inc., we take special care to ensure that each client receives a comprehensive CPAP assessment, which includes a one-on-one information session with one of our professionally trained medical staff. Our staff supplies updates regarding advancements and improvements on CPAP equipment.

In addition, we also provide continuous courtesy medical and administrative follow-ups to all of our CPAP clients allowing our medical & administrative staff to track the progress of treatment, educate clients about new products and services, and offer any assistance required.

Our CPAP service extends to personalized mask fittings to ensure a comfortable fit; prescribed pressure changes, CPAP equipment calibration and maintenance in addition to extended maintenance service plans.

For clients with special needs, we are also able to do In-Home Setups with a Health Care Provider. To learn more please contact us at our toll free number 1-800 268-5003.


Our focus is on PREVENTION THROUGH EDUCATION. Did you know that around 25% of CPAP users don’t succeed in their treatment of OSA?  The reasons for this vary, but a majority are the consequence of miseducation.  We constantly meet new CPAP users who are improperly using their CPAP equipment and are consequently not happy with their CPAP therapy.  By ensuring that each client is given the time with a Health Care Professional to fully understand how to properly use their mask, machine, and other equipment, we ensure that the best possible treatment is attained.


To refer a patient for CPAP equipment or services, please download and submit the form below.

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